Monday, 12 October 2009

Eyeglass Wearers Have Been RIpped Off For Far Too Long

Eyeglass Wearers Have Been RIpped Off For Far Too Long

One of the best tips at the moment is to save money on prescription eyeglasses. Opticians have had it their own way for decades and for too long where they do a superb job looking after your eyes, giving advice and eye test, then take you to the cleaners as the cost of the eyeglasses they have on offer is either bland at the lower end price or way over the top for more fashionable glasses. I know, I have been wearing prescription glasses for over 40 years and I hate to think of the money I have spent in recent years when there is an alternative.

It was five years ago since I last had my eyes tested so my plan now is to attend my local optician to have my eyes tested and when the prescription is in my hand I will say thank you and goodbye, I’m now going to buy my eyeglasses online. This is How You Can Start Spending Smart, wave goodbye to big spending in opticians and say hello to bargains galore online without any lowering of standards or quality.

Eyeglass Wearers Have Been RIpped Off For Far Too LongNot having much disposable income, My favorite high fashion eyeglasses would be a bargain basement deal in fact I already know what pair I would choose it would be the $ 8 Rx eyeglasses. Where on earth can you buy prescription eyeglasses for that price in the high street with the quality and fashion still in place? With fast and very secure delivery service and a guarantee that comes with it, I just can’t lose.

This tip is to bei taken by myself soon, and I say that all people who need prescription glasses should seriously consider it. Far too long high street optician retailers have ripped us off. Look at your own glasses now, think how much you paid and look up a simlar pair online, you will know for sure what to do next time once checked.

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