Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Local Roofers For Local Roofs

There is a saying, 'Get your roof fixed when the sun is shining'. Well it's spring, the sun is shining, but April does bring about showers, the last thing you want is a leaking roof - Most poepl only find our when the rain falls.

Roofs are made in many styles and from many different materials all around the world. As an expatriate I certainly wouldn't get a roofer from the UK to fix my roof in Bulgaria. There is a simple reason for this; local builders know the ins and outs of local roofing. Getting someone who is not local would be a big mistake as many have found out here.

I know many people here who have presumed that a British roofer knows everything about Bulgarian roofs. It was only after the work was done and winter came along that they found out otherwise. The builder of course had been on gone by this time with now recourse – No insurance and local builders were eventually called in to repair the roof using local techniques to solve the problem

Round Rock Roofing do exactly that. They are local builders based in Texas, USA who cater for the local community who have an A+ rating with 'The Better Business Bureau'. All work is insured with liability and worker's compensation with highly qualified leaders and well-trained craftsmen on every crew.

The tip here is to only take on tried and tested local roofing experts for any roofing job; you won't have to wait for winter to arrive to find out.
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