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Tips For Dressing Your Toddler

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Dressing your toddler can be quite an adventure, especially if you are short of time in the morning. Toddlers are at the stage where often they want to both choose and try to put on their own clothes, and as they are very active you need to find childrens clothes, which will fit with their lifestyle.

The type of clothes that are ideal at this age are colourful, easy to care for and not too expensive as they are growing at a ferocious rate. Also their clothes should not be restrictive but at the same time not too floppy or flowing so that they will get stuck or tangled up when playing. The mim-pi childrens clothing and other types of flexible childrens clothes should fit them well, being neither too tight or small or too large and floppy.

There are two easy things that you can do to make the process easier in the mornings or at any changing time is firstly to allocate extra time so that you do not risk becoming impatient. Secondly you can place two suggested outfits out for them to see so that they are given a choice but it is limited, this helps achieve a balance between their wish for independence.

You may remember how you were yourself at this age which is helpful. Many toddlers develop very strong opinions about favourite colours and these can also change but at least they should be appreciated by those around them. They will also develop a taste for favourite outfits, so when at all possible you should let them wear these. Encourage flexibility within your family towards your toddler, as this makes it easier to educate them at a time where another choice may be more suitable.

From your own point of view it is good to choose clothes that are easy to wash, but at the same time ideally they do not show up dirt too quickly. For example clothes with designs or patterns will distract away from dirt.

As colours can be important at this age another suggestion is to buy a colour chart to put on their bedroom wall. This is a good opportunity to have quality, fun educational time with your toddler and they can learn about primary colours, secondary colours and even complementary colours.

When it comes to their shoes it is very important to take them to a shoe fitting specialist, as damage done to their feet during this developmental period is not good. Many toddlers enjoy the independence of wearing shoes with velcro rather than laces or buckles, as they are easier to put on and take off. Do not forget about their socks as they need to be constantly updated also otherwise your toddler can be very uncomfortable.

Bearing in mind that your toddler will want to try and dress themselves but on top of this you have to consider that they are toilet training, then a very practical choice are jeans or pants which have elasticated waists. Flexible, comfortable but easy to manage clothes also include t shirts, tracksuit bottoms, cardigans and envelope-neck tops.

Think about and develop a healthy, practical strategy so that your time of dressing your toddler is positive and fun.

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