Friday, 9 October 2009

Earthquakes Can Happen Anywhere - My Home Wasn't Insured

Non-life insurance premia written in 2005

It is a fact that in Bulgaria the vast majority of homes, especially in the villages are not insured. If there is an earthquake, flood, fire or other disasters they will get no compensation whatsoever. Insurance is new to the many people here.

It is something that will now grow and the awareness is being made gradually that insurance is worth getting. . My home was not insured for 4 years here, then we had an earthquake and I had no cover. My home had to be repaired with my own money. Insurance is something that I am now looking for and I am looking at home insurance companies for the best deals around.

Not all insuaracne companies deal with Bulgaria so my options are limited to those companies that can provide adequate insurance here, hopefully not too expensive.

The tip is really to tell everyone to get their home insured. I thought that earthquakes didn’t happen here, but it happened. The same could happen in your area, not to mention the unpredictable and extreme weather the world is getting right now.
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