Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New York's Green Police - Too Little Too Late?

I personally am not a fan of the USA mainly because all the social and environmental problems that are currently over there are man made based on their commercialism and materialism culture. The result of this means that millions of dollars from tax payers have to be invested in law and order with criminal activity ripe down to the greed factor. Surely the best way to deal with this is through education and relearning how to live together in an environmentally caring society.

Perhaps the start of this is nigh as I read that the New York Police Department has a Department that is dedicated to Environmental Conservation and has allocated twenty serving officers to run the cause.They are affectionately and appropriately know as the green police. One of the main causes of pollution are cars and this is compounded by cars that have illegal exhaust emissions that harm the environment further. The green police monitor traffic and pull over vehicles that don't comply with this regulation.

There are many other areas of conversation that the green police monitor as a kind of guardian angel task force trying to ensure that seafood that come from illegal sources don't reach the retail industry.

Now I personally thing that twenty officers is a drop in the ocean so to speak in trying control the evil that has been created by New York citizens who don't care 2 cents about the effect their greed has on their own environment. What I do think is that publicity is a far more effective way of communicating to people about issues that need to be heard. Common knowledge that the green police and the reason for their set up and running in the field in the first place is a far greater deterrent to those who are considering the risk of being caught.

It goes without saying that the green police do a good job, but in my eyes it is far too little and far too late for a upturn in environmental attitudes in this part of the world. It would take more than the green police to change that.

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