Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Create Fun Pictures For Free Online

A great tip here for those who want to living up their photographs and have a little joke with pictures you have already taken. I have tried this out and sent my friends some of the results – they were quite amazed at the effect that I got and all for the cost of a few minutes.

Here was my first try:

“How did you do that?” I hear you ask. Well there is a website where you can create funny pictures online. It is entirely free and has hundreds of different effect that you might want to used to liven your pictures up or cheer someone up. The cool photo effects are added to each day so will have more options to choose from the following day.

Here’s another example of one I now use as a profile on a forum:

The beauty of this site is that you can make funny photos yourself whereas before perhaps you had to pay for the service or programme to do it. This is a breakthrough in free digital photographic effects and prefect for many things such as Facebook or funny profile pictures.

Just look at the last photograph I had composed with this program – I sent this one to my best friend who now want the site address.

Don’t forget, each one only took less than a minute to make once I had selected my photograph that I wanted to be inserted. Well worth a look and a great tip for photographic entertainment.

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