Monday, 25 January 2010

Ten More Top Tips For Saving Fuel This Winter

It will be – 22 C here tonight so the weather forecast tells us. And so it is quite appropriate that I continue to give tips on how to save money on winter bills in the height of energy expense.

This may sound ‘old hat’ but still millions ignore taking steps to use less energy. It is the best and by that I also mean the ‘greenest’ way to save on fuel bills. Just by doing simple things that are just common sense. Here’s a simple list of ten things you can do:

  1. Make sure your dishwasher and washing machine runs with a full load
  2. Turn lights off when you aren't using a room
  3. Do not leave electric product on ‘standby’
  4. Make sure you freezer is defrosted regularly
  5. Wear more clothing and turn the central heating thermostat down a few degrees
  6. Eat food that involves less cooking
  7. Use less time in the shower
  8. Only fill the electric kettle with the amount of water you will use
  9. Watch less television and read or listen to the radio instead
  10. Draw the curtains full time in rooms that are not being used

All these tips will shave money off your energy bills and help the environment. Think about it. If just each one of these tips saves you 50 cents a month, with the ten tips that’s $5 a month or $20 over the winter! Could you do with an extra $20 just for being sensible?

Again, so many people DON’T do these things, in a way it is rather a selfish thing not to do as it affects not jus them but the whole environment. Such a shame.

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