Saturday, 30 January 2010

More Tips To Save On Winter Fuel Bills

Yet more tips on how to save money on fuel bills in the winter. It is still surprising how many people can be well educated yet the simple things to save money and help the environment are just not taken on board. Sometime the most obvious things are not always seen as the reason for breaking the bank with winter fuel bills.

A fact you may not be aware for is that over 50% of the heat is lost through the walls and ceiling in average home – Yes over half! If you haven’t got adequate loft insulation or double glazing the sooner you get it in the sooner you will save in the long run. You needn’t be faced with the dreaded double glazing salesman either as fitting secondary double glazing can be done at a fraction of he cost and installed yourself.

Another overlooked aspect is taking steps to find out if you qualify for a grant to help improve the insulation in your house. Believe it or not, the government, electric and gas suppliers and many local authorities are all there giving handouts to help cover the cost of insulation. Make sure you are not missing out on this, they don’t generally advertise this fact so it is up to you to make simple enquiries. This can be done online, just look up your local authority and you will find a section veering this on their website.

Another great saving can be made if you replace an old boiler with a modern, energy efficient boiler. You can in some instances claim money back off your old boiler in exchange. This is well worth checking out locally with boiler suppliers who will be in the know as to what exchanges are currently available. So not only will you be saving energy by switching, but possibly getting funds that will subsidise you new heating system.

It has to eb said that aaving fuel is important to all of us and taking steps to make sure you do this is an easy step to take. If only people would take the advice that is put their way.

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