Sunday, 3 January 2010

Get Rid Of Damp In Wardrobes

Get Rid Of Damp In Wardrobes

A tip for the winter was discovered this Christmas, let me explain. Every winter in the town house we have to light up our bottled gas heater in our bedroom for half and hour before we retire. The room is empty and freezing during the day so this is necessary, no point in heating a room that isn’t being used for 16 hours a day, but that’s not the tip that’s the problem!

Because the room is so cold and suddenly get heated up quickly condensation forms in the wardrobes that stands against a cold wall. Every year we have to throw clothes away that have been ruined form mildew that has formed from the condensation. This is even with daily wiring down of the damp inside the wardrobes. The only answer up unit now is to heat the room up all the time, but we couldn’t afford the heating bills to do this besides the conscience of waste.

So we sudden realised that what contributes to the damp is a lack of ventilation in the wardrobes. We can put up with damp windows but we can’t afford to throw out good clothing each year with this. The idea was to drill holes in the back of the wardrobe and bring each unit 5 cm away from the cold wall. This would effectively give circulation of air and hot touching cold is eliminated.

One week on after spending a good few hours removing all the clothing, drill in many holes in the backing and moving the wardrobes forward away from the wall, all is well. There is no dampness inside the wardrobes now and we can breath a sigh of relief not having to say goodbye to clothing this year. Not only that, but mildew is also eliminated and that is better for our health as well.

This tip saves money not having to be spent on heating a room all hour in the winter, saves on ruined clothing, both better for the environment and of course for out health without dampness or mould. Shame we didn’t discover the tip a few years ago.
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