Thursday, 14 January 2010

Save Over £400 By Switching Your Power Supplier

Save Over £400 By Switching You Power Supplier
I am going to start series of tips giving you ways you can save money this winter. It is the time of year where most money goes on fuel bill and this is the area that will be focused on.

The first tip is simple to look at whether you have recently changed your supplier of energy. With the monopoly of power supplies ancient history, you can now choose who you want to get your energy from. You probably already know this. The changes are that you are right now paying more than you need to is you haven’t switched suppliers over the last year.

The simple fact is that by changing your energy supplier you can save over £400 by using a new tariff. Now that’s something well worth looking into and taking up. There are thousands of people who just don’t realise this option is open to them. If you know about it, well you do now tell others about it. Why should anyone pay more for power when a cheaper alternative is there in the wings?

You should shop around to find a tariff that is competitive, this involves a degree of homework of course, bit well worth it. A good tip is to use an online price comparison service that will take a bit of the headache away of doing it all on your own.

When you find a provider it's a good idea to contact your current supplier and explain that you are looking fro another supplier because you feel that their tariff is too expensive for the gas and electricity they supply. The is a good chance that they would then offer you a better deal than risk losing a customer.

There you have it, you may end up saving money just by making enquiries. Good luck. More tips to come in subsequent posts, subscribe to keep up to date on future tips.

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