Sunday, 4 April 2010

7 Tips On How To Improve Your Photographs

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I am a keen photographer, no expert though, but I see many other people's photographs and see where they are going wrong so I have come up with 10 tips on how to improve your photographic skills and all very simple to take on board.

  • Blurry photographs are common, one way to solve this problem is to hold the camera steady when clicking. A simple remedy that many don't use. If you use both hands and relax your blurry images will decrease.
  • Can't see the faces of people when the sun is shining or screwed up faces with the sun shining in people's eye? Simply take the shot with the sun sidewards on or use a flash is the sun is behind them.
  • I've lost count how many time I have seen pictures that show people that are too far away. Get closer or use the close up if you have it on your camera. You dint' need to see the whole of people's body, the face is the main focus on portraits so focus on that and you will improve the interest in the shots.
  • Landscapes are fine, but sometimes a landscape needs a little more interest in it, so include a person within the scene. It will liven up the picture that would otherwise be quite boring.
  • Don't just take picture in good weather, bad weather is far more exciting and give great atmosphere.
  • Don't try and fit everything into the photograph, look for details of a scene and focus on that. In a crown of people, if you look carefully each person or little group will have far more photographic potential than the whole crowd.
  • A little pause before clicking will help you to be absolutely clear about what picture you want to take. Too many clicks are made without any thought about composition. I suppose that the digital camera speaking. If you just imagine you have an old film camera in your hand then you will improve your photography by not wanting to waste film. This is a good trick to help you take thoughtful pictures which will be guaranteed turn out better.
With these simple tips you will be a better photographer and get more enjoyment from the results. You will be deleting less and have more requests from friends for copies of the photographs you have taken making you more popular!

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