Saturday, 3 April 2010

Chewing Gum - How Yo Get It Out Of Material and Hair

I used to hate chewing gum, seeing someone chew gave a bad impression. However chewing gum is actually a healthy activity and apart from choking on it (mind you you can choke on any food anyway) the only problem is the stuff getting stuck in the most annoying places. Here is a tip on how to get it removed.

To many chewing gum stuck on materials impossible to get off, this is partly right, I will explain. When chewing gum is is warm removing the chewing gum from a rug, carpets or other fabrics is a task too far; you need to harden it up before tackling it. By far the easiest way is to use ice cubes. Simply stroke an ice cube on the gum until it gets hard. enough. If the chewing gum is on a fabric that is small enough, i.e. clothing. You can then put the whole thing in the freezer until the gum has hardened.

It is still hard work to remove the chewing gum but certainly not a task too far. You may lose a few fibres form the item it was stuck to but salvageable with the ice treatment. If you take your time scraping it off you can get away will limited damage, so slow working is advised. You can always used another ice cube or another spell in the freezer if the chewing gum softens with the time spent on task.

If the gum is stuck in your or someone else's hair then the freezing method isn't a good idea. There is an alternative. Use a little cooking oil and rub it into the gum and hair area. Once applied and covered using a comb gently work the gum out by combing. Be gentle otherwise it can be quite painful.

The biggest tip though is to only use chewing gum for chewing and dispose of sensible. With Wrigleys chewing gum I always used to save the foil and wrap it in that before putting it in the bin.
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