Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Seek Advice From Friends And Online Technology For The Best Deals

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It is funny how sometimes you learn things without even having to try. Just by talking to people and listening to their experiences is one of the best ways to learn many things and they don't necessarily have to be older to be wiser. This is exactly what happen to me last week when I called up my niece in the UK.

My niece is a funny girl 20 years younger than me but has a wealth of knowledge well beyond me and many other family members. What is excels in is making end meet financially. I don't' think I know anyone who is as prudent as she is, the man she married is a lucky man with the savings and economies she makes in the home.

I often ask her for advice on how to save on internet bills and other utilities and I know her answers are always going to make sense. This was asked last week and she admitted that she herself took advice from a website when she wanted to know about cell phone plans for a friend. She admitted that even her knowledge on the best deals and plans she could not keep up to date on the best cell phone plans and on top of new offers and products that come along each month. She ended up recommending Sprint which gave the best deal to fit her friend's requirements.

Needless to say the advice she gives is always impartial and she will go away think about things and come back with here considered opinion of what is best - now with the aid of online support it seems and why not?

The tip here really is to make use of online technology to help you make decisions of buying goods and services alongside talking to friends and family who will no doubt have their own opinions on what is best for you. 

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