Saturday, 3 April 2010

Are You A Wordpress Blogger?

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I am a blogger and use Blogger templates to blog with. It was a choice between Blogger and Wordpress when I first started out, I think it was just that I visited the Blogger site that made me choose this format in blogging. There are hundreds of templates designed for both Blogger and Wordpress and the tip is for Wordpress users in this case.

If you are a Wordpress user then there is a great site out there for the The Best Free Wordpress Themes For Download. It is simply a site that has a great collection of Wordpress gallery for bloggers that is absolutely free. They are all easy to download wordpress without any need to login or register. A plethora of templates without login or any hassle.

Looks like Blogger templates are second best looking at the some of the free templates on offer. Perhaps Wordpress over Blogger is a tip I should have taken four years ago.

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