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Tips On How To Drink Responsibly

Kranz (Wreath) of K├Âlsch
Beer is the world most favourite drink, you can buy it anywhere. The advertising networks of beer manufacturers have done a great job in getting a public to buy and drink beer. They make it fashionable and trendy and in the main this is not a big problem, but is can be if taken to excess.

Drinking in minimal quantities is fine as a social habit, but drinking more than is safe is a liability to you and others in social situations. Alcoholism is an illness that lurks around the corner for many. To avoid alcohol addiction it is best to drink in small quantities and knowing when to stop. Here are a few tip on how to drink responsibly.

  • Simply the best way to drink beer responsibly is to drink it at home. Why? Because this will get rid of the danger that is associated with driving or getting into a confrontations.
  • If you have consumed beer simply don't even consider driving. It is not only illegal, but also dangerous. If you need to get somewhere just walk or have someone who hasn't drunk take you.
  • If you have been drinking away from home give your car keys to a friend, a designated driver or telephone someone to pick you up, well worth paying for a taxi rather than risk lives.
  • Don't leave your drink in an unattended in a public place as someone could easily place a substance in your drink. If you get up to dance or go to the toilet order a new glass of beer when you return or take your drink with you.
  • Consider not having a drink at all and opt for non alcoholic drinks. There are thousands of quality drinks that don't contain alcohol, why not give them a go? This of course includes non alcoholic beers.

In the UK an individual must be 18 years of age to purchase and/or legally consume beer. When purchasing alcohol sometimes some form of photo identification is required if the shopkeeper doubts the age of the customer. This can be in the form of a driver’s license or other similar form of identification, which has a photo and birth date of the customer.

Alcoholism is a disease that often requires professional medical care, which is why proper treatment is critical to its cure. So if you know someone who may need help and support you can have a word in their ear about attending a local treatment centre which is free.
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