Sunday, 22 March 2009

Entrecard - Good Or Bad?

Entrecard is a great idea and growing, but it not for everyone. It seem that many leave Entrecard after a trial period mainly because they feel that the time spent on it doesn't justify the rewards they get. You really have to think what you want to use it for before you commit major amounts of time dropping for credits. And yes I do agree, it does take lots of time out of your day with dropping.

I have been with the Entrecard communities for quite a while now and am still divided as to how much time I dedicate to it. I have a few Pay Per Post sites that need traffic to be 'bumped' up and this is where I use it most. Having said that, big numbers of bouncing traffic is a worry as Google will catch on that you are 'faking' traffic and will subsequently, take away brownie points if done to excess. My strategy is not to use the full compliment of dropped given, that way the mix with 'genuine' traffic won't stick out like a sore thumb to Google and my PR. So be well aware that bumping up your traffic solely from Entrecard drops is indeed a false economy.

It's a good place to make friends and get to know other bloggers who have things in common with you. Many if not most of my fellow blogging friends were made through Entrecard and even though some subsequently have left the community, we still communicate and comment on each other's blogs. Entrecard used in this way will be enjoyed by many.

Using Entrecard to make money from the credits earned is hard work. Again the amount of time spent building up credits to many will be a full time job. If you have a PC or Laptop that is dated year or two the time to download take ages, but of course you can work offline whilst waiting.

Entrecard has its critics, amd even more now that it is an open house to advertising from thir parties. Having said that, tell me a blogging resource and traffic generator that doesn't. You can take it or leave it as they say it is a matter of opinion and many bloggers who choose not to use it aren't really concerned about traffic numbers and generally are in the blogging game for fun not money. On tho other hand those who want to make a bit of dosh out of blogging stick with it and the dropping is treated like work rather that fun as the motive is more traffic to generate more leverage for money.

Whatever you feel about it, using sites like this gives you publicity, back links of course and this brings in more traffic anyway whether you spend time dropping or not. A 125 x 125 widget doesn't take up that much space anyway so my personal view is to just live on the fringe of the community and you will get some traffic out of it.
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