Thursday, 5 March 2009

Lap Band for Weight Loss - Well Worth Considering

Lap band weight loss surgery has been performed worldwide since the mid 1990s. It has proven to be the favourite method of weight loss surgery. It is only now that the methods and processes used allow us see how good a treatment it is for those who are unfortunate to be grossly obese. The big tip here is to seriously consider using this form of weight loss saving much time and money and restoring your health as it will give you a new lease of life.

It is a fact that over 15 million Americans are severely obese. Using Lap Band surgery ranks high in comparison with other forms of weight loss surgery and using this method there are also fewer complications that occur in other forms of weight loss surgery.

With lap band surgery such as 1-800-GET-SLIM with 8 office locations in California, there is less time in weight loss centers with usually just an overnight stay. This compared to other forms of surgery which extends the stay to up to 3 days for laparoscopic Roux-en-Y surgery and up to 4 days for the open Roux-en-Y procedure.

Recovery time in the weight loss centres is much also reduced with lap band patients and they casually get back to work after about a week Again, the patents would normally expect to be off for up to 3 weeks for Roux-en-Y surgery.

Summarising, of all the weight loss surgical options that are on the market today lap band surgery and 1-800-GET-SLIM, is the simplest and involves the shortest period in hospital with the fastest recovery period. Added to this it is an adjustable form of surgery currently and much safer than other forms of weight loss surgery.

Lap band weight loss surgery is setting a trend and may well be the preferred option in time in the United States. The tip here is to consider all the advantages this form of surgery has over others and make a descision based from that.

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