Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Have A New Looking Kitchen Forever

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A new kitchen is just great, spotless, bright and a pleasure to work in, but how do you keep it looking new? There are some tips here that you can use to keep you kitchen and appliances in pristine condition or make your older kitchen come back to life.

Stubborn water stains from a stainless sinks can be rid of with a cloth dampened with a little alcohol. Other spots and stains on stainless steel surfaces can be eliminated with some vinegar on a cloth. It just needs a light wipe. If you rub stainless steel sinks with some lighter fluid it will get rid of any rust that is looming.

Take some soda and clean the counters with a soft cloth then rinse with water and dry off with a cloth. Using some baking soda clean your stainless steel sinks, it works very well and is easy to do.

Sparkling white porcelain sinks can be produced by placing a paper towel across the bottom of the sink and let it soak up some household bleach. If you leave it overnight and then rinse you will be amazed at the result. Warning: Don't use bleach in coloured sinks, just white ones.

For the fridge if you leave an open box of baking soda it will absorb odours. Change this once a month to continue working effectively. You can wipe the fridge with vinegar, this will stop mildew setting in.

A great secret now revealed is to put a few drops vanilla extract on a piece of cotton wool and put it in the fridge. This will get rid of smells and leave you fridge fresh.

Make sure the machine elements of your fridge are kept free from dust and dirt by using your vacuum on them once a month. Dirty coild will make the fridge less efficient

Finally, you can simply use car wax on large appliances this will make them shine and to remove small scratches.

With all these tips you have no reason to have a kitchen that looks new for years to come, nnot to mention the hygiene factor.
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