Friday, 13 March 2009

Tumble Drier Bounce Sheets - Lots of Uses

Tumble Drier Bounce Sheets - Lots of UsesBounce, what do you thnk of when you see or hear that word? Get used to it as this is a product that seems to have endless amounts of uses other than it's orginal intention of being an addtion to your tumble drier.

Get rid of static electricity from your television monitor. Bounce is designed to get rid of static. If you wipe your monitor with a sheet of Bounce it will stop the dust from resettling. You don't even need a new sheet to get this affect, use one that has already been used.

The air in your home with smell fresher is you hang an individual sheet of Bounce in a wardrobe or cupbard. Ot you can lay one in a drawer.

Smelly shoes or slipper are a thing of the past if you put a sheet inhside overnight. Putting your shoes on int he morning won't be a chore as they'll smell great.

If you sew a Bounce sheet will stop threads from getting tangling. If you stroke a needle across a sheet of Bounce this will expell static cling on the thread before sewing.

Havent been on holiday for some time and your suitcases smell stale? Place an individual sheet of Bounce inside empty luggage.

If you have a shower and a shower door a Bounce sheet will dissolves soap scum that is left on. Again, use sheet of Bounce that has already been used.

It has uses in the car as it will freshening the air there if you put a sheet of Bounce under the front seat.

Bounce will also cleans hardened food from a cooking saucepan. Place a sheet on the pan, fill with water and leave it overnight. Then sponge it clean the follwing morning. It is the fabric softener agents that soften the baked-on food.

Wastebaskets will smell fresher if you place a sheet of Bounce at the bottom of it.

Static electricity found on venetian blinds will disappear is you wipe the blinds with a sheet of Bounce.

I'm sure you can think of many other uses now beyond what has been mentioned. But the final bit of advice is try and find an equivilant in house product just like Bounce and you will save money as well.
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