Friday, 20 March 2009

Looking Back - Good Or Bad?

Back to the Old School album cover

I tip I often give myself if not to dwell in the past too often, there is too much in life to look forward to, beside which you can't do much about the past but you can for the future. Looking back I often learn from things I should have done, in essence a reflective life and an every increasing knowledge base as to what is right and what is wrong.

I have had many different jobs since leaving high school, starting working in the Post Office through to qualifying and teaching in English Primary Schools. I have been married twice and have four great children and now live in Bulgaria on a smallholding. Who would have ever thought that could happen when I left school at 17 years of age?

Now at 50 years old I have been tempted to take part in high school reunions, but have never got around to doing so. I don't think that is something for me, but others may be different. Again my view of looking forward rather than back comes into play and that the tip I always take.
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