Thursday, 5 March 2009

Dogs And Cyclists Don't Mix

Dogs And Cyclists Don't MixBeing a keen cyclist, there is only one problem on the roads, apart from drivers - Dogs. They are unpredictable and the biggest hazard a cyclist has to contend with. How do you as a cyclist deal with it?

Using your hand pump as a beating batten is an option even though many 'animal lovers' of course would disapprove of as this is viewed as 'cruel' or 'It's not the dog's fault' - Bull! If a dog attacks you no one is going to tell me that I can't defend myself against a dog. It's not the dog's fault? It's the owners fault who should be heavily fined and do community service as they have neglected their duty as a responsible pet owner.

My favourite method is to squirt water at the dog from my drinking bottle, it's always at hand and dogs just don't like getting wet, that usually does the trick. The other method is to shout at the top of your voice in a aggressive manner - swearing is good, the dog will respond to an authoritative voice. A dog need to know who is in charge, they think in term of a leadership hierarchy and that is the secret of dealing with these animals. If you let the dog knows you are the boss. At all times you must give the impression of being confident even if you aren't.

Dogs And Cyclists Don't MixAt the end of the day dogs are cowards, they will not follow up a fight if they know they will lose, so you actions have to be more aggressive than they are. Staring out a dog also works well. The worse thing you can do is to try and cycle away at speed, you will never outrun a dog unless you are Lance Armstrong and once the dog over takes you then you're in trouble.

Finally. never turn you back to an aggressive dog, they will think they have the upper hand and go for the kill!

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