Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Another Search Engine Option With Benefits

Most people I know use Google as their main search engine online, I do myself, but there are other options available with even more useful search facilities and get into corners that Google sometimes misses.

Amongst the many other search engines that are around I came across AAfter, they have a cash back facility, which unique for those who would like to buy some product online. All products purchased give a certain percentage of the product price as cash back, which ends up with you the user, even after discount form the manufacturer.

Looking for local businesses online? AAfter is the fastest search engine for local businesses. If you type in the store name, then go into on the ‘local business’ link, you will have what you want within seconds, again much faster than other popular search engines.

There are many other features too many to mention here including a IP Geo Location Search, but you'll have to go into the site to get the benefits. As a whole Aafter saves you time and money and that a tip worth knowing.
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