Friday, 20 November 2009

Television The Ultimate Advertising Machine

Television The Ultimate Advertising Machine

Do you watch television? I bet the answer is yes for the vast majority. Added to this I guess you watch television out of habit rather than anything else. I suggest that watching television is the greatest waste of time on earth – Why?

Quite simply, television is advertising, nothing more or less. It crawls into your mind with images, sounds and sub conscious viruses that make you do things that you wouldn’t do not watching television. The whole process is of course passive, you do nothing other than sit there and get drawn into the spider’s parlour and the advertising devours you.

Even when you aren’t watching television you can hear it and what your hear is so familiar you know what picture is on the screen without the need to view. Such is the power that the advertisers have over you. How many times to you quote a phrase from something you have heard form television or whistled or sung a tune that you cant’ get our of your head. This of course in third party advertising as the people who hear this also recognise the pictures they relate to it and of course their minds are focussed on the advertisers goods or services! This is imprisoning your mind and millions don’t even realise it.

If you want to watch television, schedule what you want to see, watch it and turn it off and do something more constructive like blogging of going for a walk, it is more healthy for the mind and body respectively and of course you will be out of the control of those manipulative marketing moguls who are ruining the earth with their greed for commercial greed.
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