Sunday, 22 November 2009

Autumn Leaves - Make Use Of Them

Autumn Leaves - Make Use Of Them

It is autumn and the leaves are falling with their many colours. What do you do with those leaves once gathered? Are you allowed to burn them? I bet not you have to dispose of them in another way, perhaps in plastic lined bags or in wheeled bins to be taken away by services that specialise in disposing of garden waste. What a palaver!

Falling leaves are a natural phenomenon but this world treats it as a big inconvenience and industries have been built up to deal with it. The leaves are natures way of putting goodness back into the ground by decomposing in their environment, but unfortunately many trees are in built up areas and the surround is concrete based, leaves that drop there have to be moved, far do, but what about the majority of trees that are in gardens? I fear that many claim that it would ruin the grass areas and they have a valid point, but the leaves should not be sent away but recycled near where they lie.

The practical thing to do is make compost form them. Composts are very easy and leaves added with other decomposing material make a valuable contribution to next year’s free compost. How much did you spend on compost this year? Leaves will continue to fall year in year out, this is a benefit for you not an inconvenience.

Changing the way we think about this natural annual occurrence will really make a difference to the environment and the money in your pocket.
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