Thursday, 26 November 2009

Newspapers - You Pay Good Money So Use Them

Newspapers - You Pay Good Money So Use Them

Saving things should be something that is done as a normal part of your everyday life. Simple things such as newspapers can be saved, but not for giving to your local rubbish collection services which incidentally you pay for whether you like it or not out of your taxes, but to keep for yourself. Why on earth would I want to save newspapers I hear you asking?

Well, since my experience in Bulgaria it has come to my notice on how wasteful many other so called ‘environmentally friendly; countries are. Look at it this way, you pay money for you newspapers which you then own. You read it and then you pay again for it to be disposed. Then your newspaper is then making someone else more money from selling it on for recycling. Your newspaper has been paid for three times form the time you bought it. Why let others’ profit from your possession you paid good money for?

All fine and well, but what can I do with a used and dated newspaper? There are many uses, from donating it to a local school for education, turning your newspapers into brinks for wood burners, using newspapers as part of the material on your compost heap, use it to wrap items you don’t use such as cutlery and vases that are stored. You can use newspapers as insulation in walls. Making a paper mache you can make your own sculptures and decorations for Christmas. Back to the garden, you can use newspaper in to potting cups that will decompose when planted as a whole. The simplest use is to use the newspapers as fire starters. The list is uses is never ending and all will be making the most of something you paid money for.

The next time you buy a newspaper you should think ahead as to what you will do with it after it has been read – Make it work for you then you will be saving money and the world.

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