Wednesday, 11 November 2009

British Airways World Sale - Book Before The World Sale Ends

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Okay guys, here is a tip you may want to take up and in hindsight never forget. Pick a place in the world you’d like to go to and make the most of British Airways World Sale that is on at the moment. The reason British Airways have got this sale on is promote flight and packages to and from the US and Canada. It will have to be a quick decision as the offer is open only from the 10th - 19th November so you have 9 days to get your bookings in.

If I had my choice it would be Nairobi as I have a friend who lives and words there and I haven’t seen him for nearly 20 years! British Airways are offering flights form New York (JFK) for $512 each way or $1,297 for a return trip, which includes 3 nights Bed and Breakfast in a 4 star Jacaranda Hotel.

British Airways is renown for their world-class service with upgrades covering complimentary food and cocktails on all flights, 200+ On-Demand Entertainment Choices and a destination guide that will enhance you holiday experience. With their ergonomically designed seats the flights will give you the best ever comfort. Have you every flown by other so called cheap airlines and found the service cramped, charges for everything that should be standard in a flight? I have, it’s a con and wouldn’t fly with these airlines again

If you are going places or want to go places and you want to go now, book your flights or package now. It would be a great idea to go Christmas shopping abroad and be different this year.

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