Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Top Dropper On Entrecard For October 2009

A big, big thank you to all the Entrecard members who had the consideraton to drop on Tips n Wrinkles. It is a hard time right now and sharing is a main play in survival and success in blogging. It is will great optimism that Entrecard will survive the transition due to the kind and caring community that has built up there.

The month of October saw two top contedners both on 31 drops. Business & Life Success just beating Learning Corner
. It is a grateful blogger to all those who made it to the list given below and of course those hwo just missed out hoping November is even better for all.

Business & Life Success

Center for Business Success, Life Success, Management Success and Career Success

Learning Corner

Center for Personal Development, Professional Learning and Education, Finance, Smart Investment, Business Management, Business Strategy, Leadership, Business Success, Computer, Technology Update, Lifestyle Improvement.

Akila's Blog

This is the personal web blog of Akila Mendis

The Sweet Life

Pink stuff is my favorite.
A fashionista wannabe because when you dressed up neatly and appropriately it somehow add confidence to yourself.
My blog title is The Sweet Life.It is a personal blog.It tackles everything that interests me.Every little thing that make life sweet. I am newbie here in blogger world. Also here in Entrecard.

Living well

Life is colorful and meaningful. Appreciate and learn all about the wonderful things and everyday greatness and let this be an inspiration for a meaningful life.

atenean101 @ Blogspot

A personal blog which includes articles and other write-ups that I have personally written and edited which accounts all my random thoughts about all things that interests and concerns me. Basically it's just about everything under the sun...


Allotments 4 you. A family friendly blog. Grow your own Vegetables and plants. Get hints and tips from myself and other readers!!


My photography about nature, flowers, places, animals and other cool and cute things

Fact of the Day

Fact of the Day is a project to bring one verified, interesting fact to readers every day in a couple novel formats. Weekly feature articles will educate on a number of topics. Come check us out for today's fact of the day!

Traders' Hub

My blog gives trading advice, makes critical reviews of related sites, and teaches trading techniques.

Civilianism News

A progressive political blog about U.S. and world news, with a focus on war, peace, civil and human rights.

All 2 Read

Everything You Need to Read - All2 Read

Futurism Now

A blog about renewable energy, climate change, the environment, politics and the economy and how we can solve global warming in this political climate.

Kamila the Camel

A camel called Kamila has found herself now living in Bulgaria. The site giving a account of what Kamila gets up to and what adventures she has there. She now has to help support the Bulgarian family she lives with by making a little blogging. She is now the first and only camel blogger.

Dosh For U - Extra Money Tips

A blog site giving lots of ideas on how to make extra money. This is not a get rich quick type of site but a sensible source for making more dosh. It covers both online and offline work.

Bulls versus Bears

It's not smart to play it safe but it's safe to play it smart

Living Healthy with Auntie E

making ourselves and surroundings Healthier.
Working on Going Green for Good.

50 50 Deals - Sensible Shopping

This is a site about shopping and what is useful to saving you time and money. There are places for a bit of fun as well.

After cancer, now what

A site for the millions of cancer survivors that are out there.

Stories in Life

creative aspect in my life that motivates me!

The Ups,Downs and Sometimes Insane World of Freelance Writing

Diary of a Freelance writer combining reviews, links and information of use to other writers.
Always returns drops.


A blog perfectly made for geeks.

Perfect Shave Dispatch

Wet-shaving has transformed a dreaded routine into a ritual I look forward to every day. Through my blog I would like to bring this experience to more classic shaving enthusiasts around the world.

earth to holly

Do you love dogs, nature, amateur photography and an all-embracing sense of mellow? How about occasional bouts of nostalgia and melancholy by way of some rookie writing? Well, all right then...welcome! You're at the right place!

Philippines Travel Blog

travel the beautiful islands of Philippines....
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