Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables - No Excuses

Supermarket in São Paulo

Fruit and vegetables are overly expensive and so many people have no other choice other than to buy them from supermarkets and grocer stores, after all what else can they do. What a silly statement that is, what else can they do! Grow your own.

I don’t have the time! Bull, how much television do you watch a day, at least an house guaranteed. Imagine what you could do with that hour each day growing you own fruit and vegetables!

I don’t have the space! Bull, get rid of some flowers and put some eating produce there. Don’t have a garden? A balcony will do, tomatoes, potted herbs, grow-bags that will entertain most vegetables.

I don’t have the knowledge! Bull, how much intelligence does it take to put a seed a couple of centimetres into some earth and make sure it doesn’t dry out by watering regularly?

Supermarket fruit and vegetables are far better than I could produce! Bull, they are chemically engineered to EU standards and have toxins within that your grandchildren might find out how much damage they could do down the line of generations who eat them.

Even is is a simple plate of water and cress for a sandwich it is better then nothing – Have you sent he cost of water and cress in supermarkets! It’s criminal!
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