Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Save Money By Sharing The Load With Parties

Save Money By Sharing The Load With Parties

Anther great tip from Bulgaria where the econonics and savings never fail to amaze me. It happened today at the factory work party where a great end of year feast was organised for the workers. This is an expensive business in a year where many have been made unenployed due to a turn down in business through a drop in sales. However the company was still in business and that was enough to celebrate this year.

As we were tyring to save money the idea was that every worker should bring in a dish and some drink. All 27 workers brought in a home cooked dish and the end result was a feast laid out fit for a King. The drink was plentiful and of course this didn't cost the company a penny. The left over were fed to the factory chicken and dogs and the left over drink returned to the owners. Most of the drink (wine and rakia) was homemade and it gave a change for everyone to sample different drinks something that many don't get a chance to as 99% of their food and drink are from their own home.

This saves money, noting is wasted therefore economical and a great talking point with the tried recipes and drinks. It was a great success and the workers felt that they also had contributed to the company's financial welfare doing this. We all hope we are in work this time next year and even if things are better business wise will probably do the same thing again it was that good.

So the tip is to share the contributions with parties, people will be more than willing to help and help the host, it doesn't have to be work based but home based.
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