Friday, 18 July 2008

Facial Hair Removal

This tip was got from listening to a conversation of friends, mainly woman about how to get rid of facial hair. (Well it is a big topic for Bulgarian women here.)

It was all about how to get rid of unwanted hair on the face as the options were talked about. I just kept quiet with a massive interest into what was being said.

The option and alternative are laid out here as I heard them, a really entertaining discussion by all accounts:
  • Shaving - not close enough
  • Chemicals - too expensive
  • Laser treatment - Come on this is Bulgaria, we're not VIPs
  • Wax - too expensive
  • Tweezers - good method a top contender
  • Sticky tape - top dog - cheap and effective
  • Leave it - Loose you man

The conclusion was the best method as agreed by all parties was the use of sticky tape.

They said it was just as painful as wax, just as effective as wax, and last of all being the most important, it didn't cost a penny if you work in an office!

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