Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Free Party

This is a tip that I can never bring myself to perform as it is the height of cheek. It was practiced from a old University colleague who came from Wigan. He used to be a friend until I discovered his habits that equated to pure selfishness and lack of generosity and his current school teaching practises that just really amount to bullying.

The trick is to bring a couple of bottles of wine to a party, show it to the host and ask them where the kitchen is so they can be put there. Once in the kitchen find a good hiding place for them, in a bottom cupboard where the saucepans are kept, or behind the bread in the bread bin.

Next step is to have a real good time eating and drinking others food and drink and partying on without any conscience at all. Before you go you visit the kitchen and recover the wine yo have hid and take it back home with you!

This trick saves lots of money and works really well if yo can live with yourself, but is ethically wrong which is why it is only open to the despicable

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