Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Kids in Cars

It is summer and the kids ore off from school. The journey ahead is a long one as you destination is far away from the maddening crowd. Off to a place to relax and chill out, but the kids in the car are the problem. With four children of my own now grown up, the experience gained may help you.

If the trip is a long one leave really early in the morning or late at night, that way your children are more likely to sleep through most of the journey. Be aware that you won't get any sleep if your driving though.

You need to make sure that the is enough room in the car, try and pack all your luggage in the boot on the roof with a roof rack or more hi-tech roof systems. The main thing is to clear the seating ahead and give space for your children.

Ensure that all luggage in the car is secure, if you have to brake hard or turn a corner sharply, check that nothing can fly out and hit the passengers. they last thing you want is a bruised child tend to throughout the journey.

It is summer and we do get sun, what's more you are probably heading towards a sunnier place for so prepare for this by getting some window shades to protect the children from the sun. It will make them cooler and less irritable. They can be bought quite cheaply.

It amazes me that cars aren't build with rubbish bins for waste, the ash tray is never big enough for your rubbish needs. Therefore take a carrier bag and designate it for all rubbish to go in. It just makes the journey more comfortable rather than sitting in the rubbish and waste.

Along with wet-wipes, which are a God send with children's habits take a box of tissues and bottles of water or juice. Far cheaper to get them from the supermarket than buy in service stations and the kids won't have to wait for them either.

Kids love doing things, so get hold of some pencils writing material, you will be amazed how this keeps them occupied. Books with word games in and some highlighters are also a major factor in keeping kids mentally active and distracted from complaining. If you have any electronic games get them all ready before you travel. If anything needs downloading prepare this beforehand.

Get the children their own individual little travel bags and get them to fill it with goodies they want to take, like toys and other favourite items, they can use this to bring back some new stuff from their holiday as well.

Take food/snacks with you to save on the extortionate prices en route at service stations etc. Also make sure the food or snacks you do take are healthy without too many additives and preservatives in, you know what these do to children; don't ask for trouble.

Every so often stop, get everyone out of the car to stretch their legs, perhaps even go for a short walk or play an outside activity game. It is a major contribution to keeping the children happy by doing this. If you do stop at service stations let the kids play on the children's game area, this will stimulate them and they will be refreshed back in the car afterwards.

If you have older children, supply them with maps so they can track the route. It may well help you not get lost as well! Make them aware that they had helped you get to your destination.

Every so often, i.e. after stopping for exercise swap the children's seating around, will help prevent friction.

Well you should have covered most things is you follow the advice given. It is difficult on long journeys and you should really appreciate that it is more difficult for the children. It you look from their point of view you may well understand more about helping them deal with the boredom.



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