Sunday, 27 July 2008

Local Markets and Food

Why do we buy food that have been transported thousands of miles when better and cheaper food can be bought that has been produced locally? Well there is no reason. Shopping for local has many advantages, both for your convenience and the environment.

Buying from local markets is also a good idea, you don't have to travel so far, even not bother with the car and in most cases the products you will find there are local products. It is not difficult most of it is clearly label where it comes from.

20 years ago the distance food travelled was 65% less. How unnecessary is that? If only you just look you'll me quite amazed how much local food is available and you DO have a choice.

The cost of transportation of food produce, processing, packaging and advertising is all part of the higher price you pay for these items. Make a challenge and buy food that has travelled the least miles. Get your children involved in working it out helping out.

The more people that buy local products the more chance local producers have of improved business, it will also add pressure on the high mileage food to cut their negative affect on the environment.

Know where you food comes from, make a point of discovering the source of your food, it is an education. Ask if you are not sure.

You live in the area and you have a responsibility to support you local community that you live in, that also means supporting local producers who basically are you neighbours.

Locally produced food is fresher and tastier, it is always the case that food eaten locally looses it's 'punch' on transporting somewhere else. With the added self life factor, the freshness just disappears. There is no need for chemical treatment to preserve the goods with local produce

So, whenever yo can shop locally and buy local products, you will be doing yourself and others so many big favours. The advantages are so great it is a mystery why everyone doesn't do it.

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