Friday, 25 July 2008

Fish Bait - Maggots and Worms

For all you keen anglers out there, he is a tips I picked up recently that save you time money and improved catches of fish. Can't get better than that can it?

You have all your equipment ready to fish waiting to be picked up in the garage, but what do you still need to do before going? Bait. So it is a trip to the local fishing tackle shop or out with the spade to buy or dig up your bait respectively.

Fine, you now have your bait, either maggots or worms and you go fishing.

While you have a good time by the lake or river just think what you do with the bait when you've finished fishing. What happens to the surplus? You always have too much anyway. Well for me I throw it in the water where I was fishing, well those days have now gone as the new tips came to light.

Take the bait home and freeze it. The frozen and defrosted bait next time round will serve you well as from many sources of experience anglers, dead bait is better than live. that the first benefit.

The other benefits are that you don't have to shop or dig for bait next time round, saving you both time and money.

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