Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Solar Battery Recharger

This system saves a wad on batteries, I've actually got and and use it. It charges up to 4 AA 1.5v Ni-Cad Rechargeable Batteries using nothing other than solar power.

You save on the cost of electricity charges from mains-powered chargers and helps the environment.

It has a tilting solar sensor helps you maximise the charger's exposure to direct sunlight and daylight. There's also storage for up to four additional batteries.

It's compact and portable but I cant ever see it being put away as it still charges in the winter it
it is a sunny day.
Specification are given as follows:

Weight: 290g. Rated power: - 1W; 140mA @ 3.75V.

A word of warning though, battery chargers should only be used with rechargeable batteries. As well as being dangerous ordinary batteries can 't recharge anyway so you will be wasting you time.

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