Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Healthy Food for FREE

Supermarkets, shops, bazaar markets and street traders all sell fruit and people buy this fruit from these places purely from convenience.

In Bulgaria most of the fruit in season grows for free everywhere here. branches hanging over garden walls, wastelands full of growing fruit trees, with other fruits and vegetables that have germinated naturally and now bearing the produce. I recall last year pumpkin growing on waste land as big as basketballs, just sitting there when many are buying these fro good money at market stall etc.

This morning I am eating sliva or plums that were picked a few hundred yards down the road of a slivatree on a public road! At other time spinach, herbs, apples pears, figs, walnuts, I could go on for ages, all grow wild here. They are all for free!

So why not just take a walk and pick your own, many gypsies do just that and have very healthy food on their gypsy tables and all for nothing. (Most gypsies here in Yambol and surround don't bother growing their own food anyway!)

Enjoy great tasting, natural, healthy food for nothing.

By the way, much more healthy than the supermarket foods anyway!

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