Wednesday, 23 July 2008

10 Tips for Saving Energy

Number One

Living in an environment of 18 and 21° centigrade is very comfortable. Most tend to set this much higher. It is a fact that for each 1° centigrade step up another 10% will be added onto your fuel bills.

Number Two

Lights left on when leaving a room is such a waste. Just simply switch them off when you go out, the switch is always near the exit door. And a point about fluorescent tubes lights, they DO NOT use more energy to switch them on than they use when they are on. So, turn those off when not needed.

If you don't believe me do what I did, look at the spinning plate on your electric meter and get someone to turn the fluorescent light on. You will find that there is no speeding up of the plate when this is done.

Number Three

Don't leave the TV, Hi-fi, computers etc. on standby. For the very simple reason that this uses more electricity than you think. Standby facilities on appliances take up around 10% of an average household's electricity use!

Number Four

If you are making a drink for just yourself or a couple, measure out the amount of water you are going to use and just boil that amount. In other words don't fill the kettle completely, you will just be wasting energy. You have to remember that electric kettles have the element at the base and this needs to be covered, with jug kettles usually one mug of water will do this.

Number Five

A massive 20% of electricity is unnecessarily wasted from lights by not using the energy saving bulbs. It is a very simple procedure and the extra cost of the bulbs will be recovered as they tend to last much longer than conventional bulbs. See this link about really cheap energy saving bulbs.

Number Six

What do you do to keep yourself warm? Put a jacket on? Well why not do the same with a hot water tank. A jacket costs only a few quid and can easily pay for itself over a few months.

Number Seven

Be swift with that fridge door, don’t leave it open for longer than necessary. It takes more energy to cool it down each time. Also, a good tip is to try to avoid putting warm food straight into the fridge, this will just warm the fridge up and waste more electric. Wait until the food is a room temperature before storing it there.

Number Eight

If you have more than one pair of clothing, and 99% do, wait until you have a full load before using the washing machine. There is absolutely no point in wasting the gross amounts of energy on a couple of items.

Number Nine

When storing water it should be heated to around 60°centigrade. You don't need to boil it as this temperature is high enough to kill off dangerous bacteria and in addition is warm enough for bathing and washing.

Number Ten

If you have cavity wall in you home get cavity wall insulation. In addition get your loft insulated and gaps in door sealed. This makes considerable energy savings. House owners can usually take advantage of grants and discounts, and if on benefits possible get it done free or at the very least at a supplemented rate. Well worth finding out about.

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