Friday, 10 July 2009

An Alternative To High Street Priced Children's Glasses

An Alternative High Street Priced Children's GlassesMy children wear glasses, all four of them and each year they get their eyes tested and new prescriptions are needed, therefore new glasses. This expense is horrendous and that is without breakages in between visit to the opticians. So when I hear of something that is infinitely cheaper and just as good I can’t help but take note.

I first saw a video whilst surfing blogs, this company has been in the optical business for quite a while now you can check them out straight away with Zenni Optical on TV!!! All my children watched it and although they weren’t too interested in the prices they did like the fashions that were on offer. For example the $ 8 Rx eyeglasses - which really hit the mark with young Katie. She really hates going to the opticians anyway so buying online is a hit with her.

We will have our next visit to get all four pairs of eyes tested in August and I know we will need four sets of new glasses and we will have all four sets of prescriptions that we can quote when we order online. With the money we save we could easily squeeze in another week of holiday at the end of August before schools starts again. With a fast delivery service they will have their new glasses ready for school in September.

It is indeed a High Five to Zenni Optical from not only me but their prudent mother and certainly from the kids who just love doing things online anyway. This is a great tip many parents can take in this day an age of rip off high street opticians.
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