Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Save Water With Synthetic Grass

Save Water With Synthetic Grass

Hot summers and water shortages are common worldwide now. This causes many problems for private households and businesses. Things suffer without water and in a world where climate change is making this more extreme there are things we can do to ease the reliance on water.

If there is one area where water is used more than anything else is it on lawns and grass areas. Not only in household gardens, but sports complexes and business premises where you see countless sprinklers on everyday during the summer. This water is drinking water and it seems such a waste being used on grass. There is any alternative.

Synthetic turf has been around for decades, I remember playing football on the first every synthetic football pitch in North London during the early 1970s. Technology has moving on leaps and bound since then and there are options for everyone to consider using this form of grass and save water.

Save Water With Synthetic GrassThe main factor is that it is environmentally friendly and you can have a lawn that remains like a
Putting Green all year round without hardly any maintenance. Imagine the time and savings you will make from this alternative that looks just as good as real grass.

Businesses and sports management should also consider the advantages of synthetic turf. It is a real alternative and the savings made on water and maintenance should be considered on the fiscal front.

Imagine this summer hosepipe and sprinkler restrictions or bans on your real grass turf. Now then imagine the affect on synthetic turf, the worry disappears and the turf will remain in top condition throughout. Thousands have taken up this option and never looked back.
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