Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Don't Bother With Aftershave

Don't Bother With Aftershave“Martin why don’t you use cream on your face after shaving instead of after shave? The scent is just as good and it’s ten time better for you complexion.” My partner who I consider an expert in skin care and make up mentions this tip time and time again. Well she is Bulgarian and Bulgarians are considered the most beautiful women in the world, they really do know how to make themselves look great and healthy.

Me, well I must admit the advice here seems so practical. Number one, after shave is expensive and face cream isn’t so firstly there is the cost factor where you save quite a bit of money. Secondly, and I fully agree it is much better for my skin. After shaving the skin is quite raw and it acts as a moisturiser and soothing agent. No more stinging sensations from the alcohol-based after shave lotions.

My partner and I are now at the stage where perhaps it is not just face cream we need but wrinkle Cream. Looking at it from a practical point of view, there are many creams around that cost a mint, I we were to choose wrinkle Cream instead of ordinary face and hand cream we would choose on ethat had be proved to work.

The original is usually the best so Strivectin anti-wrinkle & stretch mark cream has been around for quite a while now and really workswrinkle Cream that is cheaper than most may well be our choice.

One thing is for sure, I will not be using aftershave that often now, it can’t do your face much good face cream and perhaps wrinkle cream is definitely a great tip given here.

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