Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Commerical Fabric Softeners - Forget Them

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Have you seen the adverts for fabric softeners on television? They must spend millions fo pounds making you beleive that your washing just can't go without it and that their product is unique and the best around. They don't spend money on advertising for nothing, millions fall for this and buy the product.

In case all you users of fabric conditioner don't know, there was a time when is wasn't used and everyone was happy enough without it. Another ploy to get your to believe you can't live without it. Having said that, there a a cheaper method that can be put in its place which is just as effective.

Don't buy fabric conditioner, but try a half water half white vinegar solution fabric softener. Not only is it cheaper, it doesn't the same job as commericial fabric softeners leaving clothes soft.
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