Monday, 27 July 2009

Hot Cars Can Be Dangerous - Fix It Easily

Hot Cars Can Be Dangerous - Fix It EasilyWe have had temperatures beyond 40 degrees Celsius over the weekend with some places reaching 50! Now I have a car without air conditioning and had to drive on this hottest day of the week. I can tell you that for some this was positively dangerous, especially in town where waiting in traffic queues and traffic lights took place. The ambient temperature in the car rose to 60+ degrees celsius! I know what Christmas turkeys feel like now.

For children, this could be a major danger with breathing difficulties and dehydration, drinking lots of water helps but being in a car without air conditioning in these extreme weather conditions is like being in an oven literally!

You can do something about is cheaply and efficiently by using an AC Compressor, which is available online with free shipping and warranty included. Getting an air-conditioning system in your car is something you should consider in this world of global warming. The Weather is to get more extreme each year so look forward to more high temperatures in the summer next year and of course colder winters! This is a good tip and an easy solution to a big problem.
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