Friday, 24 July 2009

Ants! Ants! Ants! - No Longer A Problem In The Home

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Ants! Ants! Ants! It’s hot and I’m bothered not because of the heat but because of the ants that used to get everywhere. They just tramp all over the place in every nook and cranny. Let me give you a taste of where we used to find them.

In the kitchen cupboards and draws and even in the fridge! Then the is the living room, we just sit there watching TV and we see a line of ants crawling along the carpet and up the wall behind the settee. Then the bedroom, we just can’t sleep know that they are walking all over the place. They are even in the bathroom. But we have found an answer to the problem so this year no problem.

There is an answer you have in your home right now, no need to shop. Two household products things get rid of ants, one temporarily the other permanently, you choose which you want.

Let’s look at getting rid of them without killing. Ants hate lemon juice or talcum powder. If you put a line of lemon juice or talcum powder along the path of ants they will walk the other way. A simple solution, talcum powder stays longer though.

To get rid of ants permanently just switch the talcum powder or lemon juice to ordinary washing powder, you know the type you put in your washing machine. The ants will die with the toxins in there and of course not go beyond that barrier. Problem solved and no real expense on ridiculous poisons in supermarkets.

We have and ants free house this year and a pleasant smell where the washing powder lies. We vacuum once a week and replace it during the summer months. It is not needed the rest of the year.
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