Sunday, 8 November 2009

Don't Do It! - Smoke That Is

Don't Do It! - Smoke That Is

Don’t do it! Please, please think twice before you buy and use this and reflect on the damage it can do to you, the people around you and the environment. It is quite simple – SMOKING!

The reason I am saying this is that this weekend I am seeing my best friend slowly and painfully dying due to smoking. He can’t turn the clock back and his addiction, that had been aided and abetted by money grabbing cigarette companies and government who are also money grabbing for the tax they generate. It is also a government who are laughing behind his back as he will not reach pension age and receive his hard earned pension which he has paid toward all his working life!

Don’t do it! Think of all the people who benefit from smoking and this will certainly help you to curb the habit. Why do you let them get a way with it, they are killing you and stealing your hard earned cash, on the face of it they should be put behind bars!
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