Friday, 5 September 2008

Cornflakes Bags and Boxes

When I eat cornflakes and stare at the box that stands in front of me I always recall some 20 years or so ago on the TV programme ‘That Life’. They showed one evening that there was more nutritional value in the packaging than the cornflake contents. That thought had a powerful message that has stuck in my mind ever since.

There were some experiments done as I recall, and it was found that when tested on rats it resulted with the nutritional value of the packaging outweighing the nutritional value of the cornflakes. Now I don’t suggest for one minute that you eat the box, but that is an incredible fact

The absolute mindless waste from packaging is something that many just can’t believe in this day and age still goes on. Why? Pure enticement for the price, a sheep in wolves clothing as far as I can see, that’s exactly what a box of cornflakes is.

So as it stand we are not going to change the way cornflakes is packaged, we are only pawns in this game, but we have made the purchase and paid good money for the goods, why not make the most of what we have here. Yes, eat the cornflakes and what do you have left? You have a well-made cardboard box and a tough waterproof and bag to play with. Don’t throw these away, you have paid for them, they have other uses.

The rigid box can be decorated and used as file-holders. By cutting off the top and trimming down the sides at an angle, they are ideal upright or laid on their side for a file or book holder. The waterproof bags are of course up to food grade standards and perfect for storing other food products and for using in the freezer. They can be washed out and used again time after time. You will be hard pressed to find designer freezer food wrapping as of the quality you have here.

Next time you shop for cornflakes, don’t bother putting file storage holders or freezer bags on you shopping list, you will have that in due course.

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