Monday, 8 September 2008

Holiday Savings

The amount people pay for their holiday is criminal sometimes. The worse part of it is that last minute deals that seem to be the fashion don't always work out cheaper. Leaving it too late can mean you pay over the odds as you are in a very vulnerable position and the travel businesses know this.

So, the first tip is to book early. The best bargains are to be had at the beginning of January. This is the month when tour operators offer the best deals.

Another side to this is having to pay in one lump sum on last minute deals and this often means credit card payments. More cost. If you book early you will have a greater choice of holiday and can pay interest free in instalments. This will save you even more money in effect a free loan.

Brochure are great, I remember many an evening sifting through these lovely places, Whatever you do don't buy your holiday through the brochures, just use it for ideas and places to go then book your holiday online. It is a fact that the prices for the exact same holidays are infinitely cheaper.

There is no reason why you can't insure your holiday is a good experience by doing a little research beforehand. Take advice from others who have been there. Use your network of friend and relatives who have been on holiday to place you might consider and get some feedback. There are online forums and international English speaking forums where you can ask and give good and bad experiences in many holiday destinations.

If you look for bargains regularly in January tour operators change their booking initiatives on a daily basis to get you to look in, this is enough reason to keep checking as often as you can.

Big names don't always mean big bargains more like bigger profits for them, as their overheads are far bigger. Thomas Cook often ends up as Thomas Crook! Don’t let the security factor fool you into thinking that safely in numbers is an insurance of a good deal, it just means that thousands are conned into paying more! Check out the smaller tour operators, as they will be trying to build up their business by impressing new customers.

Don't always think you have to fly from the Capital's airports. There are many other airports around with a comprehensive worldwide destination choice. You will also save on parking fees, time, fuel and stress by using the local airports. In fact I'd go as far to say that you should try to avoid the main airports on that cost basis.

Finally, and this is not good coming from an ex primary schoolteacher, try and get you holiday booked out of school holiday weeks, this is where you will get the best savings ever!

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