Monday, 22 September 2008

Energy Saving at Work

Most of us work and although many of us try to live a green life at home, sometimes what you are actually doing seems a drop in the ocean compared to looking at the waste at work.

Perhaps you can arrange for things to be done if you are the boss, or consult your peers about your concerns suggesting ways they can save energy and money?

The temperature of the workplace can be lowered slightly. Hardly anyone will notice and the saving will be substantial.

If using computers switch them off when you leave at night. There is no gain from leaving them on, again the saving on energy will be substantial.

Leaving lights on overnight is another common practice. What for? If it is for security, fair enough, but there can’t be any other reason can there?

Photocopier machine are invariably left on standby overnight and weekends. Why? There will be no answer to that.

Air conditioning systems are often left on. If there is no one there then turn the systems off. The energy they used with these contraptions is quite staggering.

Why not set up a meeting to see what other things you can do to save energy at work. Not only will it be good fro moral but you may even be looked on favourably with your bosses! And if you are the boss, look forward to an increase in profits!

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