Friday, 26 September 2008

Used Coffee Grounds - Uses Unlimited

What do you do with you coffee grounds after you have made your coffee? Most people just wash it down the sink or thrown in the bin. Some may go one step better and put in the compost bin.

Did you know that it has far more uses than you can believe.

Are mosquitoes a problem? Not with the coffee around. It is a repellent. If you have a cat problem in your garden spread used coffee grounds and orange peel where you don’t want them. It really does work. And all natural!

Coffee can act as a boundary to ants as they hate coffee. Just lay a line and they won't cross it.

Coffee makes a great hair rinse! If you have dark hair you can use leftover coffee as a final hair rinse. It adds a super shine.

You can get gardening benefits of coffee by using coffee grounds to repel snails and slugs. Not only this but it adding nutrients to the soil. Old coffee grounds are and excellent ingredient to your compost. They increase the acidity of your soil and hare’s a winner, they also act as a natural fertiliser.

It is quite a popular way to grow mushrooms on old coffee grounds, and very successfully done.

Not just outdoor gardening benefits from coffee. If you add old grounds to your houseplants, they will love the acidity content and thrive.

Coffee can be used as a natural beauty compound. Using coffee grounds to exfoliate the skin. Simply Pat on skin, massage and then rinse.

If you put a plastic bowl of used coffee grounds in your freezer all the bad smell will disappear. Coffee is another one of nature’s deodorisers.

By rubbing coffee grounds between you hands smells that have lingered from handling pungent foods will be neutralised and eliminated.

Small scratches on wooden furniture can just be totally camouflaged with wet coffee grounds applied by a cloth.

Thanks to Cafe Direct for these tips.

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