Monday, 1 September 2008

Economical Driving

Economical driving is easy. Okay it is now accepted that we all have to use cars at some point, if we all drive economically and make it a habit of modern day driving the different would be substantial. The amount of cost and pollution that cars currently throw out is horrendous but we can make a contribution to reduce emission into our environment and reduce the amount of fuel used. This at the end of the day will save you money and you conscience.

So if you drive a car, look at the simple things that will make you an economical driver, if you do this save yourself lots of money. Even if you don't drive you can pass these tips on to someone who does!

  • Under inflated tyres add another 2% in fuel consumption, so keep you tyre pressures in check.
  • Just don't drive when you have a short journey. Catalytic converters need to run for up to 10 kilometres to work effectively and you will be using a staggering 100% more fuel with a cold engine.
  • Avoid sharp acceleration and sudden braking this will reduce CO2 emissions and save on fuel.
  • When changing gears do so when you revs are running at a lower rate, say 2000 to 2500 rpm. This again save on fuel used.
  • If you have air conditioning try using it less there are substantial saving on fuel when not in use.
  • Carrying unnecessary baggage is more work for you engine to pull and burns more fuel. Empty you boot and just carry what you need.
  • Get some company when driving, give people lifts to save them using their car. They will do the same for you and that's one less car on the road and obvious savings for all.
  • Don't bother warming the engine up by leaving it running. Leaving you engine running for 30 minutes would be the equivalent of travelling around 6 kilometres.
  • If your car is serviced regularly it will save you money by reducing the fuel consumption.
  • Check out your route before setting off. Unnecessary mileage by getting lost due to poor planning is a massive waste of fuel and CO2 emissions.

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