Tuesday, 16 September 2008

No Sleep? - Try These Tips

Sleep is something we need, it is a fact that you can die from lack of sleep, a worrying thought especially if you just can't get to sleep. There's nothing like a good night of sleep taken naturally without the aid of pills and likes.

There are many reason why people can't get sleep most is just using simple techniques and systems to aid you. I taken a few tips from my own solutions and other to try and help. It doesn't involve spending money in fact it will probably save you money, it really amounts to using a bit of knowledge and common sense.

There is no point in trying to get to sleep if you are not tired. There are ways to affect this by getting up earlier in the morning. The rule of thumb is if you're in bed by 22:00, you should be up and running by 08:00 the following morning. You can also try and get some physical exercise during the day. Make sure that you don’t do this too close to bedtime, as the adrenaline will prevent you from snoozing.

Certain foods can help sleep such as bananas, milk and camomile tea, these are known foods that calm your system down and help you to relax. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, ensuring that you are never dehydrated. Avoid drinking water just before you go to bed for obvious reasons.

Caffeine keep you awake so avoid tea and coffee in the evening, this also applies to a glass or two of alcoholic drinks, which will also keep you awake.

Before you retire to that comfortable bed make sure you are prepared for the coming day. It will help is you write a list of everything you need to do the next day. If you do this early enough in the evening you can add things you may have forgotten. This makes your mind less active and relaxed. Keep this list by your bed and if something else pops into your head write it down there and then rather than thinking about it and letting it keep you wake.

Having a warm bath or shower really does helps your whole system relax giving you a settled your mind and body.

Finally, make sure the temperature of your bedroom is not too hot or too cold before you get your head down. This saves you having to adjust either the heating or the amount of blanket in the middle of the night.



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